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Our message

Our message

Dear Colleagues

Blue Ink Trust welcomes you and your family and requests you to become part of the force for ‘bringing the changes through education’.

Dear colleagues if you are able to read these lines then you are fortunate. There are hundreds of thousands of adults, as well as children who are illiterate and, rather helping themselves and others, need assistance in everyday life.

Since the existence of world human beings have not witnessed anything being rained from the sky, to accomplish their needs and requirements, except water, however, anything you desire is possible to achieve and all things available on this planet have been invented by human beings. There is also no doubt that all inventions are a product of education. From the pen we write with to the papers we write on all are amazing inventions and are products of education.

At Blue Ink Trust we believe that every human being must be literate and educated. The world with literate and educated human beings would be far better place.

For the last 40 years philanthropist have been working hard to eradicate poverty, nonetheless the situation does not seem to come to an end, more over it is getting worse day by day.

In many third world countries education is a privilege thing which everyone does not deserve to have neither everyone can afford it. Nonetheless the fact is that only education can resolve the situations the humanity is facing.

Helping the less fortunate and poor by supplying food and essentials is very noble work but it would not enable them to get out of poverty. However, helping them by training them and educating them will help them directly and the humanity indirectly.