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International project

School Building Project'

The school building work has started! The foundation is being laid and the aim is to finish the first storey for the academic year April 2015. Therefore, we are urging everyone of you to take to donate towards building costs and help those children especially girls to get educated who do not have anyone to turn to. Your help is prayed for and will be greatly appreciated.

Zaitoon is working very hard to eradicate illiteracy and poverty from rural India. It has acquired 2 ½ acre lands for a four story institution to cater the educational need of the children of India and Nepal. The land for the building of the school is situated in India on the border of Nepal. In this part of the area there is no school in both countries in radius of 20 km each.

Nowadays where thousands of students from other countries are flocking to India for higher education and thousands of Indians are travelling abroad for further education, there are hundreds of thousands of children and young people in rural India who are illiterate and are moving to cities to end up in slums. India is home to 40% of the world’s poorest children and eight million of them are permanently out of school. Every year, 24 million children drop out of school and half of those who remain still can not read after five years of schooling. Consequently, one in three adults is illiterate.

It is one of the greatest opportunities for people like yourselves to get involved and get their names into the history of supporting those who are in dire need of support.  Many times people support their alma mater because of the education they had or simply being alumni of the institute, however, Blue Ink Trust does not have any reasons to underestimate your desire and power in propagating, promoting and imparting what breaks the chain and cycle of poverty and brings dignity to humanity.

Achieving Ever Lasting Pleasure and Impacting Generations
The four story building proposed and planned by Zaitoon gives you the opportunity to leave a legacy behind, be remembered forever and achieve ever lasting gratification for yourselves, parents, grandparents or for whoever you wish the best. You are more than welcome to browse the opportunities that touch every part of the school. You can choose where your donation goes. By giving to what touches you the most or gives you the most pleasure, you can ensure the same or better opportunities are available for those who could not get otherwise. Your names and recognitions engraved on the marble and placed by the entrance of each room will remain forever and it will go in the history of Zaitoon. In each instance Zaitoon is pleased to discuss naming and recognition with donors