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Birmingham project

Birmingham project

According to National College for teaching and leadership and Department for Education, ‘children from poorer backgrounds, who are currently doing less well at school, are falling further and further behind in the qualifications race every year’. The current data shows that ‘only 53% of 7-11 years old known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) achieved the expected level in both English and mathematics, compared with 75% for non-FSM pupils and just 27% of pupils achieved 5 GCSEs at A* -C compared with 54% of non-FSM pupils. (National College for Leadership of Schools and Children Services).

Blue Ink Trust is working very hard to bridge the educational gap between the pupil of FSM and Non- FSM and is trying to promote it to highest level so that pupils achieve their potentials irrespective of their family backgrounds.

In order to do so it’s running intervention clubs at:

Acocks Green Methodist Church
1 Botteville Road, 
Acocks Green,
Birmingham B27 7YE
Mobile: 0781 723 7765 (after 3:30pm please)

The clubs are run every Saturday from 10am to 2pm and the hour and days become more longer and varies during holiday seasons so that those children and young people who do not go anywhere during holidays could spend more time in constructive manner and also so that they can catch up and get ahead in learning.

We help and teach English, English grammar, mathematics, sciences, verbal and non-verbal.

We also cater for the need of those who want their sons/daughters to learn community languages and want to improve their understanding of a culture.